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Discover The Singing Method Used by Award Winning Singers, Including Grammy Winners, American Idol Vocalist, Emmy Winners, Academy Award Winners, Leads on Broadway & Metropolitan Opera Winners. 


The Quantum Vocalist is a wonderful, revolutionary vocal training method that helps maximize and leverage your natural angelic vocal abilities. In the world of professional and devotional music Quantum Vocalist is the brilliant vocal method that many award-winning vocalists have relied upon for results even when confronted with critical performance timelines and late night recording sessions.

Our singing course is an amalgamation of the world’s finest vocal methods, infused with new, innovative technology, making it the crème de la crème of singing methodology. The Quantum Vocalist is recognized as one of the most effective singing systems on the planet, bar none.

At QV, we understand that whatever you practice on a regular basis will formulate your conciseness, and then reflects into the world around you. Therefore we  advocate singing positive, spiritual and inspiring forms of devotional music.

Over the years, we have worked diligently and intuitively to develop the one of the most effective and comprehensive singing programs, all designed to help support, guide and transform singers into exceptional vocalists.

Regardless of your present age, vocal level or vocal style, you will be able to master everything from inspirational gospel to positive pop, opera, rock, jazz, R&B, country and even esoteric forms of Eastern devotional music.

The Quantum Vocalist is great for actors, actresses and public inspirational & motivational speakers, as it has been utilized for many years by Academy Award Winners and Emmy winning performers! Even New York Times’ best-selling authors & inspirational speakers have gained greater vocal endurance, power and clarity from our method.

Our client list include fortune 500 industry leaders who have used our method to perfect their vocal presence, when presenting at the most prestigious corporate seminars & conferences. 

The Quantum Vocalist teaches a powerful and remarkable new way of enhancing one’s voice and thereby allowing the singer and or speaker to accesses impressive vocal resonance, filled with vibrant clarity, endurance, and beauty.
With our wonderful singing programs, you can have the divine voice you’ve always dreamed of. 

Through the Quantum Vocalist training method, you will uncover your own natural, captivating vocal instrument. Our system will expertly guide you and provide the knowledge and tools you need to increase your level vocal agility and strength.

The Quantum Vocalist singing system will help you accomplish more than just improvements in your singing and speaking voice. We will also support your journey to achieve not only optimum vocal health, but that of your body mind and spirit, as you are the divine instrument of transformation, meant for bringing inspiration, happiness, hope and beauty not only to uplift and transform yourself, but for the benefit and positive transformation of world as well.

All in all our method will support your vocal needs with unprecedented techniques, that allow you to access even greater vocal ranges while bridging breaks, cracks and shifts in quality and fixing overall vocal imperfections.

Through the Quantum Vocalist training method, you will uncover your own natural, captivating and enlivening vocal instrument. As our singing system will expertly guide and nurture you and provide you with the knowledge you need in order to increase your level of vocal agility and strength. 

Remember: if you can talk, you can sing and you can start at any age in order to achieve any level of singing that your heart desires.  You see everyone is blessed with a ravishing beautiful voice, unless they have a permeant physical speech impediment, you will have a beautiful singing voice. 

As your voice, is just like owning your very own rare Steinway Piano, an elite and extrodinary instrument. All you need to do is learned how to play it.  This is your birthright, and is your very own matchless God given gift, that almost all people are blessed with. 

QV is the transcendent gold standard in singing; being one of the most effective and comprehensive singing programs in the world.

The Quantum Vocalist Vocal Arts Academy offers singing lessons for every level of singer; as our method is the corner stone and bedrock of the world’s most eminent singing methods.  

We break down complex, in-depth techniques into simple laymen terminology, which allows you to easily have remarkable vocal and life break-throughs. We also help you achieve and maintain excellent singing habits and vocal health, as we address the whole singer - body, mind and soul, so you can develop the physical and emotional stamina needed for touring and those last minute late night recording sessions.

In many cases, our system has rehabilitated and healed vocal damage caused by substandard singing methods or years of poor singing habits that could limit vocal career. 

In addition to rejuvenating and inspiring your voice, body and mind, and spirit, we also teach you proper microphone techniques, performance dance movements, stage presentation, the artist audience connection and how to overcome stage fright. We also address  how to sing and play an instrument at the same time, and much more!

We will personally guide you, to have greater power, grace, ease and passion as well as a healthy resonate connection throughout your entire three voice vocal range.

In our easy-to–understand, cutting edge, step-by-step vocal training program, you will gain all the knowledge and insight needed to expand your vocal range and achieve the power, soulfulness, beauty and balance throughout your entire vocal range.

Over time, upon following our curriculum, you will learn how to sing with exceptional expertise, over a range you never dreamed possible, with flawless execution and spontaneous intuitive mastery.

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